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From delegating admins and assigning check-ins to comprehensive incident reporting, Emkey user-friendly web-page and app admin panel have all the tools required to stay connected with your team, efficiently manage safety and ensure compliance. Easy-to-use interface makes it possible for everyone to navigate through Emkey’s dashboard without much assistance.


Emkey Featured services

All-In-One KYC, Safety, Monitoring & Emergency Alerting Solution 

Emkey allows its users to protect themselves by ensuring that they are doing business legally and with legitimate entities, and it also protects the individuals who might otherwise be harmed by potential health crises/crimes.

Community Safety

Build safe communities by having known identities that are the very thing of ensuring safety

Staff Management

Verify employee’s digital identity/even in remote hiring and avoid lower quality of work, reduce loss of productivity, improve induction process and ensure site safety.


Contain all the details and steps of any KYC & KYB case, and enhance the crowd capacity control and due diligence process.

Emkey Duress Monitoring

Safety Video monitoring and auto-dial to emergency services provide employee reassurance and updates throughout the incident. 

Emkey ID Security

Simple Steps - Ensure Your Safety  and Monitor Your Community On the Go


Make a profile

Create your account by signing up


Input Identity

Submit your identity to verify 


Write Details

Give descriptions to submitted identity.


Now Use it

Use our admin panel to verify already submitted identities and new KYC.


Also Download App

Use our app to stay connected and ensure safety on the go.

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Our App is Available  for Your Smartphone

Download our app to stay connected and ensure the safety of your community on the go. Control everything from the palm of your hand wherever you go.

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Emkey Frequently asked Question

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Emkey The Smart City App on the Go

Emkey is an integrated technology platform for your community and business that efficiently manages all KYC policies, regulatory compliance requirements and safety monitoring system to ensure a safe work environment.
Let’s understand this with an example, a customer comes to your nightclub or any commercial/residential facility. You want verifications before allowing him entrance. It’s not possible for you to verify physically because that customer might be a potential criminal or may cause a disturbance in your facility. So you’re sceptical but Customer says he has Emkey. So you will open the QR scanner in your Emkey App. Your customer will allow you to scan his QR code generated on his smartphone Emkey App. After you’ll scan the customer’s QR, your business Emkey App will now receive the KYC shared by the customers in real-time. Sharing KYC helps businesses to filter out potential threats and restrict accessibility.
Your ID data never leaves your device, putting to rest mass hacking, leak and privacy issues. With the help of encryption algorithms, we make sure your data is encrypted at all times. Even us, the founders cannot see your data as the secret key stays in your device. We understand the gravity of keeping your data safe and private, as we use these data protection methodologies to restrict your data to your device.
Emkey registration digitally held on your device and you will never lose your ID unless your ID gets expired or your device doesn’t work anymore. Paper KYC can be misplaced/stolen easily but this digitally held KYC will always be in the palm of your hand secured with a secret pin or two factors ID via email, SMS or 2fa app.
Your data is encrypted, even service providers don’t have access to your data. Only authorised apps can decrypt your data within a certain time. Sharing your KYC with your service provider can only happen with your consent and using two-factor authentication. 
When a customer scans the QR code, it will ask them for their consent to share their KYC documents with you. Once submitted by customers, you will receive the documents as a digitally signed PDF document to your registered email.
Safety Induction features in Emkey allows businesses to create induction forms. Every new employee has to fill out an induction form. Once that employee gets registered by filling out the form, he/she can check-in the workplace by scanning QR code. 
First six month is free to help out during COVID. To learn more, check pricing 
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Your Digital KYC & Monitoring Tools  Integrated Together

It’s Secure and Easy


Emkey is an all in one safety and monitoring web-panel and app to ensure safety,
KYC regulations, compliance and effective assessment. 

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